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The Elusive Female Orgasm

When you have sex, do you always reach climax? “The orgasm is no longer a mere biological function used in procreation, nor the side effect of casual pleasure….It is the very center of  the human experience and ultimately determines the happiness of the  human race.”  - Austrian-American psychiatrist  Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) It was thought that a woman was merely a vessel for birthing which is why some African countries still practice genital mutilation on women. I suppose my way of thinking is far too out of the box for people that think in that way.   Apologies for asking such an upfront question, but I have yet to meet someone that can answer with a "yes". Since the beginning of my sexual career(oh yes it is a career! You seek out partners, give them a background check, and then fire them if they don't perform up to par.) I have had a roller coaster of sexual satisfaction. It's either epic and amazing , or tragic and unpleasing . That middle point o

NYC Pride 2012 and Me

I t seems it is that time of year again. Let the Pride NYC festivities commence! This weekend is one of my favorite weekends to be a New Yorker, more importantly, a gay New Yorker. For the sake of anyone that has NEVER experienced  NYC LGBT Gay Pride, here's a rundown of the weekend worth of events. 1. NYC Pride begins in the morning with the parade traveling through Manhattan. 2. Pride lives in the West Village. NO matter what anyone tells you, just head to the Village.(Christopher street or West 4th) 3. The Pier is the mecca for anyone between the ages of 14-25. It's getting younger and younger every year. Try not to spend your entire Pride experience at the pier! 4. The bars in the area are amazing, and everyone is welcome. 5. Gay celebrities are always somewhere in the parade. Check out the parade itself if you never have. 6. Should you decide NOT to check out the parade you will still have tons of fun. 7. People may touch you, they may span


I ride the train, I'm trying so hard to be noticed. Not by just anyone, but by someone I find attractive. As I sat there trying to make eye contact with someone who obviously did not notice me, I realized how much of a little girl I still am. As children, it doesn't take much to get attention from doting parents, but things change once you reach womanhood and seek validation in other ways.  I moved my seat, turned my back, stopped searching for eye contact, and simply let it be. Of course nothing changed. I wasn't noticed nor was my switch even noted. What did change was how I view myself. In one instant, I realized that hoping someone notices me shouldn't be my goal while riding the train or walking city sidewalks.  I'll opt for the ones that notice me while Im trying to blend in. Ones that will seek me out when I seem to be hiding. This is where simply being noticed becomes wanting to be chased...