The Elusive Female Orgasm

When you have sex, do you always reach climax?

“The orgasm is no longer a mere biological function used in procreation, nor the side effect of casual pleasure….It is the very center of the human experience and ultimately determines the happiness of the human race.”  -Austrian-American psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)
It was thought that a woman was merely a vessel for birthing which is why some African countries still practice genital mutilation on women. I suppose my way of thinking is far too out of the box for people that think in that way.  

Apologies for asking such an upfront question, but I have yet to meet someone that can answer with a "yes". Since the beginning of my sexual career(oh yes it is a career! You seek out partners, give them a background check, and then fire them if they don't perform up to par.) I have had a roller coaster of sexual satisfaction. It's either epic and amazing, or tragic and unpleasing. That middle point of complete "perfection" only happened once, and the partner was a complete waste of space (unless of course we were in the bedroom).

Have you ever heard of the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler? The book centers around women and their sexual experiences or lack of sexual experiences. Interestingly,  I read the book before I had even had sex (I was quite the Curious George). I still remember reading about women that had so many different types of experiences some glorious, and others heart breaking.

It's never been easy for me to climax. I've never reached satisfaction immediately. In my eyes the only time sex has been amazing has been when I was either in such a whirl of lust or when I'm blindly in love. 
Does this mean that I should cut off any person I come across that doesn't give me immediate satisfaction? Is that all that my human interactions mean to me? I sure as hell don't need anymore friends, and I'm never one for mixing business with pleasure. 

Is my sexual life merely a revolving door of sexual tryouts?  
Maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing all together. I'm not sure if I'm mature enough to comprehend that though...


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