I ride the train, I'm trying so hard to be noticed. Not by just anyone, but by someone I find attractive. As I sat there trying to make eye contact with someone who obviously did not notice me, I realized how much of a little girl I still am. As children, it doesn't take much to get attention from doting parents, but things change once you reach womanhood and seek validation in other ways.

 I moved my seat, turned my back, stopped searching for eye contact, and simply let it be. Of course nothing changed. I wasn't noticed nor was my switch even noted. What did change was how I view myself. In one instant, I realized that hoping someone notices me shouldn't be my goal while riding the train or walking city sidewalks.

 I'll opt for the ones that notice me while Im trying to blend in. Ones that will seek me out when I seem to be hiding. This is where simply being noticed becomes wanting to be chased...


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