NYC Pride 2012 and Me

NYC pride 2012

It seems it is that time of year again. Let the Pride NYC festivities commence!

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends to be a New Yorker, more importantly, a gay New Yorker. For the sake of anyone that has NEVER experienced  NYC LGBT Gay Pride, here's a rundown of the weekend worth of events.

1. NYC Pride begins in the morning with the parade traveling through Manhattan.
2. Pride lives in the West Village. NO matter what anyone tells you, just head to the Village.(Christopher street or West 4th)
3. The Pier is the mecca for anyone between the ages of 14-25. It's getting younger and younger every year. Try not to spend your entire Pride experience at the pier!
4. The bars in the area are amazing, and everyone is welcome.
5. Gay celebrities are always somewhere in the parade. Check out the parade itself if you never have.
6. Should you decide NOT to check out the parade you will still have tons of fun.
7. People may touch you, they may spank you, but I promise it's all love.
8. The police presence is annoying, and slightly depressing, but it is necessary.
9. Try to bring your own treats (whatever that is to you =)
10. Pride NYC parties begin on Friday and last till Sunday night. Party flyers circulate all over Facebook!
11. If you manage to attend every event you should treat your feet to a spa day.
12. Trying to meet up with people at the parade is impossible. Go with your friends!

As a consistent NYC Pride go-er, I can tell you that every year is different. The crowd changes, the scene changes, and the events are all what YOU make them. Fun is never guaranteed. Try your best to bring people that are free spirited and fun loving because everyone else is traveling in a pack.

Besides all of the intoxication and fun, Pride was one of my first "gay" experiences. I had the time of my life the first year I attended, and as I've matured I've learned ways to make that experience new every time. My friends and I always seem unsure about attending, until the weekend before and we all scramble to make sure each one of us will be there.

Make sure you enjoy your NYC Pride 2012 festivities!


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