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The Mis-Adventures of a Lesbian Online Dater

O nline dating may seem like a foreign world to many, but it's like home to me. Since my first desktop computer I have been communicating online with complete strangers. Looking back at all that now, I'll definitely limit the amount of internet use my own children get. Sex is vagrant on the internet, all types of sex... Through different dating platforms, I have met some really interesting people. I prefer to refer to them as characters. The most interesting ones were the momentary, temporary things that came and went. I'll tell you about one, although I'm not quick to admit the total... Hippie Chic: we talked for a few and she seemed so blunt. We exchanged photos, ideas and finally decided to meet. From her photos I was excited to meet her. She seemed eclectic. I met her downtown, near her job. We walked to a restaurant and started talking. Her smile was warm, and her blunt personality seemed more relaxed in person. I felt I could handle this. Wh

Sometimes All You Need is Pen and Paper

W riting has always been therapeutic for me.  When I was a child, it was just fun to create worlds in which characters had parts of me woven into their personality. During college, writing felt like work, but now it’s the simplest way to release. I never had a problem finding someone to talk to. I have a good base of people around me that I can share issues with, but sometimes you don’t even know when you need to release some emotion.  Unfortunately, I chose to express some feelings I was having with someone I didn't know very well. I believed this person was “close” to me. I was sadly mistaken; although, it’s good that I found out the limitations of that relationship now. Needless to say, people are truly in your life for seasons.  Waking up can be a challenge on some days.  On the day that I wrote this short story it was especially difficult to leave the comfort of my sheets. Hopefully you’ll relate and enjoy… *** W e were only inches from each other’s lips. O