Sometimes All You Need is Pen and Paper

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. 
When I was a child, it was just fun to create worlds in which characters had parts of me woven into their personality. During college, writing felt like work, but now it’s the simplest way to release.

I never had a problem finding someone to talk to. I have a good base of people around me that I can share issues with, but sometimes you don’t even know when you need to release some emotion. Unfortunately, I chose to express some feelings I was having with someone I didn't know very well. I believed this person was “close” to me. I was sadly mistaken; although, it’s good that I found out the limitations of that relationship now. Needless to say, people are truly in your life for seasons. 

Waking up can be a challenge on some days. On the day that I wrote this short story it was especially difficult to leave the comfort of my sheets. Hopefully you’ll relate and enjoy…


We were only inches from each other’s lips. Only seconds from my ultimate satisfaction. I could feel the gravitational pull of our bodies, and her breath on my face. I had wished for this moment for so long. Hoping she would just allow me the chance to dazzle her with a kiss.

                I had always considered myself a “good kisser”. I felt that I could create passion out of nothing and movie mountains with my tongue or at least I thought. She never allowed me to get this close. It always seemed like being close to me was repulsive to her.

                Just as I was about to lean in, I heard a deafening sound pierce my thought process. She seemed unfazed, but the annoyance almost crippled me. I knew what the sound was, but I fought to keep it at bay. She held onto my hands as I tried to force the sound out of my head. Her smile helped me get to my feet, yet her touch made me weak at the knees.

                Of course now would be the time; right when I had the chance. It would be this way every time and I couldn’t help but realize my terrible luck. The sound pulsated through me, and then her face began to change. Her smile dropped and her head moved from side to side. Distortion only takes place once the dreamer recognizes the dream. My subconscious was warring with my mind, and my heart had no say.

                The sunlight hit my left eye and I couldn’t try to fall back to sleep. I kicked my alarm clock and cursed as I pulled the sheets over my head. I knew I would see her today, as I did every day. She probably wouldn’t even pass me a glance. We had worked together for a year and I had never gotten up the courage to speak to her. My dreams helped me imagine all the possibilities. The alarm sounded for the final time as I tried to find my place in the dream like placing a bookmark in a chapter. Picking up where I left off wouldn’t be so easy though.

                With the covers over my head and the thought of her, I swam through my fantasies. I tried to slam my eyes shut as the sun forced its way through the curtains. I sat straight up and decided today would be the day that I made a dream, reality.


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