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That Hole That Never Got Fixed

"Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn't listening." -  Emma Thompson T his weekend was an intricate mix of salty and sweet. Although I enjoyed the weekend, I was greeted by an unexpected text message this morning from my cousin that put my whole family situation into perspective. Since the beginning of my start of this blog, I rarely mention the inner working of my family. The family I speak of are the loved ones that I've grown up with. These are also the people that I've come to see in different ways. As we go from childhood to adulthood we begin to see the adults/elders around us for who they are with all of there different character traits. For most of my family, becoming more aware of who they are as individuals has done nothing to shake my love for them. Unfortunately, the same isn't true for a cousin of mine, that is my contemporary. As we have grown up, we have subsequently

Describing Desire

I t started with misconceptions. I had assumed so much from one glance, but that didn't make the wanting end. Desire goes a long way, it can destroy and rebuild. In this case it's just an emotion I want to explore with only you. It's hard to describe; I'll try.  I imagine you sticky with your own juices, satisfied and tired, or pulling me over for more. Brown skin, brown eyes, and that soft pink matter. Tracing your skin with tongue, and drawing a pattern with a kiss. There's no question I'm interested. There's so much I don't know, so much of you I haven't explored. There have been others for both of us. There will be more to follow, but why not pause for each other. I'll be temporary for you. A passing thing, a bump in your road. A poet would ask for your heart, but your heart isn't what I'm after. I see myself tangled in you; my skin against your skin; my lips pressed against yours. It won't always be this