What is The Dinah Shore?

sweetheat miami 2012
Sweet Heat Miami 2012
My friends and I have made it our duty to attend almost every LGBTQ event possible. Since our trip earlier this year to Sweet Heat Miami 2012, we've become obsessed with the idea of traveling for the sake of being gay and young, while we still are young. Sweet Heat 2012 was a great experience overall, and if you've never gotten the chance to go it's definitely worth it. The days are filled with pool parties, women in bikinis, and drunken disasters. While the nightlife becomes an even mix of club goers, and more drunken disasters. We even considered returning for the Sweet Heat Miami 2013 festivities which are actually already in the midst of being scheduled.

the dinah shore 2012
Party at The Dinah 2012
For this coming year, we have all decided to take a much different trip. This year we are going to venture out into the wild, wild West Coast for The Dinah Shore 2013! This will be my first trip to The Dinah, and this idea sprang from us watching The Real L Word. These young and hot women filled this paradise looking scenery hooking up and getting down. How could we resist really?

Then we had to ask ourselves, What is The Dinah Shore?
"In 1990, Sandy Sachs (reclining) and Robin Gans moved from New York to Los Angeles, only to find lesbian nightlife a little lacking. That year they opened Girl Bar, with an emphasis on hot DJs and a sexy and very visible clientele. Not a pair to rest on their laurels, they've expanded their sapphic domain to Girl Bar nights at clubs in Phoenix and Chicago, and to Palm Springs, Calif., where they cofounded the annual Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, the largest lesbian event in the world."
"The simple but daring concept catapulted the Dinah to international fame. Today, The Dinah is considered the largest lesbian event in the world. Anyone can come to Palm Springs and produce an imitation of what you know as the Dinah Shore Weekend, and cause further confusion by calling it The Dinah Shore Weekend. Only one company can say they produce “The Dinah,” Club Skirts! If it doesn’t say, “The Dinah,” it isn't!"
The big difference between Sweet Heat and Dinah Shore will be the different proportion of lesbians of color. We can only judge The Dinah based on what we have seen via The Real L Word, but we are certain we will be an addition to a small group of black lesbians. We welcome the difference though, and look forward to partying it up West Coast style, as we are all born and raised East Coast girls.

Of course my friends and I are hoping to catch a glimpse of the season 4 cast of The Real L Word. Not sure if the the cast will be made up of the same people, but either way it should make for a good time. This also means I'm on a strict diet and exercise program that would make Richard Simmons proud =)

In case you were wondering how to enjoy The Dinah to the fullest check out this take on it:


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