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Transgender, The Hybrid Gender

I have a theory and I hope my words are chosen properly.
I believe that transgender people or people of trans experience are neither male nor female, but a gender all to themselves. It's hard for me to say this because I know many FTM/MTF people, and I wouldn't want anyone to take offense. Here I go...

A man that transitions into a woman has experienced manhood and womanhood. That person has straddled both sides of our societies gender roles. I don't believe that, this man is now a woman because he now has breasts like mine and a vagina to match. I believe that person is now part of a different gender. A gender that is superior to male or female because that person has experienced both sides of the spectrum, while maintaining properties that add a dual nature to this person. I'm aware of my use of the word "superior", but I believe it is used correctly. Superiority in this sense, is used to acknowledge that transgender people have a dual experience that no cis…

The Mis-Adventures of a Lesbian Online Dater pt. 4

One of the scariest, unsafe, and seedy places to start your online dating options is, This website isn't really secure for anything, be it selling phones, buying phones or looking for jobs. Yet, I have used the site for all three. So, I took the risk and scoured the site for a date, well, let me be honest, a hookup.
Here are the rules of Craig's List dating: 1. Watch out for the spammers and/or fake postings.
2. A casual encounter is exactly what it sounds like, unless, you both change your mind.
3. Never use a professional email address, your name, or your phone number.
    Until you're sure this person is legit.
4. Be careful with sending out photos.
    Those photos can be reused for things you would never have imagined.
5. Once you have found a candidate, try and get 'em on the phone just to be halfway sure.
6. Should you decide to meet up, pick a place that's open and well-lit.
7. Remember where you met this person(CraigsList), and that there is a poss…

"The One"

Had a conversation today with a close friend. We got to discussing personal things.
Things like sex, relationships, and feelings. She asked me if I thought I had found "the one", and I shuddered as I read the word to myself over and over.
*** If I was to go back and dissect my childhood I would say that it was filled with joy. I laughed, played, and experience little to no heartache or sadness. Although, there is only one situation I can recall that brought a flood of tears to my eyes that haven't been matched since. It was the day my father told my mother and I, that he was leaving us. It seemed my parents masked their own issues so well that such a thing seemed outrageous to me, but it wasn't that at all. I had noted my fathers cheating ways long before I even knew that such an act was wrong. He wasn't very smart about it though.

One of the best lessons my father and mother have taught me is the security in preparation. My mother did not falter when my father l…

Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Sitting in a Tree..

During the time of Chris Brown and Rihanna's infamous breakup I had written a post on the responsibility they have to their fans. Since then, so much has gone down between these two fiery celebrities and I just cannot help but to insert my two pesos.

Once again, social media was used as a vehicle to help release true feelings.

This is a video that has been released by Chris Brown's camp, which seemingly looks to explain his breakup with Karrueche Tran and recent escapades with Rih. Chris explains that his drunken mind will reveal his sober heart, and opens up to cameras about his stressful situation dealing with these two gorgeous women.

Rihanna was given a good beating by Chris. Yes, I know this seems to be something that she can just get over, and I know that it was her who was harmed not any of her fans or supporters. It is a big slap in the face to people that ran to her rescue at the time. I was one of the people that left Chris and his music alone following the domestic …

Road Block or Writer's Block? I'm Blocked!

This past week has been a difficult one for me, creatively speaking. While I want this blog to morph into something more than just a digital diary, I have hit a bit of writer's block. Then again, I think I've also hit a life block.

After college, I lost the zest I once held for each day. This may define me as a "geek" or whichever, but my last year of school was the only year I felt that I had learned so much. Anyway, since adopting the 5 day-a-week 9-5 lifestyle, I've become drowned in this sea of monotony. Of course, this is my fault alone because I can always add more to my day.

As a 24 year old woman, my ultimate goal at the moment is to have a place of my own. This may sound like a silly materialistic goal, but I just want to fuck in my own house. As we mature into our more sexual selves we are limited to few locations for this type of activity. I no longer want to stay in Hotel Nissan (if you catch my drift). Something has to give and I must do it myself.