Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Sitting in a Tree..

During the time of Chris Brown and Rihanna's infamous breakup I had written a post on the responsibility  they have to their fans. Since then, so much has gone down between these two fiery celebrities and I just cannot help but to insert my two pesos.

Once again, social media was used as a vehicle to help release true feelings.

This is a video that has been released by Chris Brown's camp, which seemingly looks to explain his breakup with Karrueche Tran and recent escapades with Rih. Chris explains that his drunken mind will reveal his sober heart, and opens up to cameras about his stressful situation dealing with these two gorgeous women.

Rihanna was given a good beating by Chris. Yes, I know this seems to be something that she can just get over, and I know that it was her who was harmed not any of her fans or supporters. It is a big slap in the face to people that ran to her rescue at the time. I was one of the people that left Chris and his music alone following the domestic dispute. A comedian once said, that "if a woman doesn't hit her man, she does not love him". The reality is, once it gets physical, it needs to end or someone needs to hit the 'reset' button. Either way none of this seems to matter to these two young celebrities. They are selfish and in love, which sounds like something I have found myself saying before.

Does being stupid while in love justify the situation?

It's proven that the emotion of love lowers the IQ. I'm  huge a fan of Rihanna and I do enjoy Chris's music, but I'm on the fence about the whole situation. I am sure that Chris has learned his lesson, simply because of his career. He felt that whip on his wallet more than any probationary bullshit. Rihanna, well, I wish her the best because if you don't hear, you will feel.

There is no winner in this situation. Rihanna should not consider herself some type of victor in this mess. Karrueche found herself in the middle of two people on the rebound. For some reason she believed she would be able to keep Chris from Rih or she might have thought that Rihanna wouldn't be dumb enough to go back to someone that used her face as a punching bag. Either way everyone is a loser.



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