Road Block or Writer's Block? I'm Blocked!

This past week has been a difficult one for me, creatively speaking. While I want this blog to morph into something more than just a digital diary, I have hit a bit of writer's block. Then again, I think I've also hit a life block.

After college, I lost the zest I once held for each day. This may define me as a "geek" or whichever, but my last year of school was the only year I felt that I had learned so much. Anyway, since adopting the 5 day-a-week 9-5 lifestyle, I've become drowned in this sea of monotony. Of course, this is my fault alone because I can always add more to my day.

As a 24 year old woman, my ultimate goal at the moment is to have a place of my own. This may sound like a silly materialistic goal, but I just want to fuck in my own house. As we mature into our more sexual selves we are limited to few locations for this type of activity. I no longer want to stay in Hotel Nissan (if you catch my drift). Something has to give and I must do it myself.

At the current moment, I make enough to pay my bills: student loans, car insurance, car note, monthly transportation, gym and go out twice a week. Other than that I don't have much to play with, unless I skip out on the weekly night out. I have to take what I have and use it to formulate another source of income or increase the income I have now. I'm not sure when the latter will happen in my current situation, but I must take some sort of action. Goals only happen when effort is made and I know I'm not putting in the effort.

My writer's block maybe a symptom of a life block; a professional block. An economic block.


Other than that I'm hitting the gym 5 days a week, eating right and on my way to unleashing the muscles under my fat! =)   If I could put the same intensity into making more money I'd be doing just fine.


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