Transgender, The Hybrid Gender

I have a theory and I hope my words are chosen properly.

I believe that transgender people or people of trans experience are neither male nor female, but a gender all to themselves. It's hard for me to say this because I know many FTM/MTF people, and I wouldn't want anyone to take offense. Here I go...

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A man that transitions into a woman has experienced manhood and womanhood. That person has straddled both sides of our societies gender roles. I don't believe that, this man is now a woman because he now has breasts like mine and a vagina to match. I believe that person is now part of a different gender. A gender that is superior to male or female because that person has experienced both sides of the spectrum, while maintaining properties that add a dual nature to this person. I'm aware of my use of the word "superior", but I believe it is used correctly. Superiority in this sense, is used to acknowledge that transgender people have a dual experience that no cis-woman or cis-man can comprehend. 

You maybe thinking that I'm automatically wrong because, for example, a transgender, FTM feels that they are truly a man, but it does not take away from the experiences of being a woman. I am not trying to lessen their inner most feelings, but what this person is seeking, in my opinion, is outer and inner validation. An FTM wants to be accepted as a man in this society, but this in turn means that this person was acknowledged/accepted as a woman previously. 

Which brings me to my original theory, that transgender people are part of a hybrid gender. 

The heart of this matter is that it should not matter, but boys are given blue clothing at birth and girls wear pink. Our society places us into these gender roles at birth, so to say they do not matter is a futile thought. If it was so unimportant, we would not have people of trans experience, it is obvious that gender is important and it does matter. 

I'll end this post with a video created by someone I'm acquainted with.


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