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The Side-Chic: Moving on Up

All throughout the content on this blog I mention portions of my own experiences with relationships. Several times I've mentioned dating, hooking up, and even cheating. When we are young some of us have this "you only live once (YOLO)" mentality, but it's usually more of an excuse to explain our temporary and fleeting emotions. Recently, someone close to me decided to leave their main girlfriend for their side-chic . In fact, the  side-chic has now taken on the role of main chic, seemingly overnight. Now, before we continue, let us define the "side-chic". Via :   the other woman; also known as the mistress ; a female that is neither a male's/female's wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male/female while he/she is in another relationship. Synonyms include: shorty-on-the-side, mistress, side-dish and homewrecker.  For centuries, there have always been side-chics. Some marriages rest on the shared knowledge of the

Highs and Lows

Thanksgiving just passed, and the holidays have officially started. Over the next few weeks presents will be exchanged and a new year will begin. It's crazy because I still remember when 2012 began... Lately, I haven't had the gumption to put anything down here. I lay in bed and comb through my thoughts for a spark, but I'm missing the juice. It fluctuates, like everything else.

How To Deal With Office Politics

" They say you shouldn't burn bridges, and that’s true. But I've burned bridges before, and it’s hard not to be angry sometimes if you feel like you've been taken advantage of. The trick is to buck up and apologize if you've made a mistake, and try to be professional. it might take a few months for some water to flow under the bridge, but it’s worth it. In my experience, people really respect somebody who can admit their mistakes and confront a situation honestly." I recently had an altercation with a coworker. This coworker and I don't exactly mesh very well. I can't explain why, but for some odd reason we're oil and water. On this occasion, this coworker was given a responsibility that is usually reserved for our boss, handing out checks. So, as he begins to hand checks to us, I stand up nearby his desk while putting on my coat because I'm getting ready to go deposit my check. He hands it to a coworker in front of me, walks around me, ha

Election Day 2012: Obama Biden

T he time has come again for Americans to cast their vote for the President of the United States. Based on the title of this entry, it's no secret who I'm voting for. Based on the content of this site, there shouldn't be any doubt. I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about voting and the meaning behind it. Although many feel that it does not really matter who the people elect because it is decided by the electoral college, it is still our civic duty to participate. Over the last month we have seen these two men verbally duke it out over foreign policy, war, economic stability, health care etc. Yet, for most of us our choice was decided long ago. Based on the character of the man, the policies which have effected me and faith, I know that our current President is my one and only choice. 1. Through ObamaCare, I and millions of others below the age of 26 have been covered by our parents healthcare plan. With my current employer, healthcare is non-ex

Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey

The lights came on. It seemed like just when we were about to give up and abandon our house, they just came on. Immediately our small town came to life. Everything that was quiet, that was lost, seemed to have been found in that instant. Others had far worse circumstances. South Jersey aka the Jersey Shore is pretty much in ruins, so the fist pumping will cease until further notice. I had just started visiting the shore and now it's g o n e... Hurricane Sandy shutdown New York City, drowned New Jersey and caused snow in states like West Virginia. I work in the city and I cannot imagine what the subway system must be like. While the lights were out, I dove head first into a book. American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis is a satire meant to shed light and poke fun at the lifestyle of 90s upper middle class white American society. These socialites, businessmen, and taste-makers are spoiled in every manner. All the while, Patrick, a psychopath, disembowels and dismembers ever