Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey

The lights came on. It seemed like just when we were about to give up and abandon our house, they just came on. Immediately our small town came to life. Everything that was quiet, that was lost, seemed to have been found in that instant.

Others had far worse circumstances. South Jersey aka the Jersey Shore is pretty much in ruins, so the fist pumping will cease until further notice. I had just started visiting the shore and now it's g o n e...

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Hurricane Sandy shutdown New York City, drowned New Jersey and caused snow in states like West Virginia. I work in the city and I cannot imagine what the subway system must be like.

While the lights were out, I dove head first into a book. American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis is a satire meant to shed light and poke fun at the lifestyle of 90s upper middle class white American society. These socialites, businessmen, and taste-makers are spoiled in every manner. All the while, Patrick, a psychopath, disembowels and dismembers every person he deems a satisfying kill.  The novel has long been translated into film, but nothing beats turning those pages and creating that world in your own mind; instead of viewing someone else's creation. It's a good read.


What I missed most of all was this blog.

Electricity is the shit.


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