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Helping Toby

Yesterday, I was asked by some old college friends to help them with an idea they came up with for a documentary. The potential film revolves around a socially awkward Asian man named Toby. He is also a 22 year old virgin. My friends seek to "help" Toby by getting him coaches, providing advice and building his self-esteem; all while filming his progress. The documentary style film could be a success if done properly. My role in the film is as a coach so to speak, assisting in building Toby's confidence.  Once I arrived we talked, and then they filmed while asking me questions about relationships and about my strategy when trying to talk to a woman. As I answered these questions and tried to breakdown the complexities of attracting the opposite sex or the same sex, it never occurred to me that our "help" could be utterly ridiculous. Just because we have all had our own share of experiences doesn't mean that we are any more equipped to assi

Beyonce and Pepsi: The Unfortunate Deal

Work is a great place to bounce ideas off of coworkers and share thoughts on current issues. Although Beyonce did a great job of performing at the 2013 Inauguration, we were talking about a much different subject relating to the popstar. Late last year, Pepsi revealed their top representative for this year, Beyonce. While the numbers were revealed and it was lead on that she was receiving major cash for the endorsement, bloggers took to the web to share their thoughts on Beyonce's big promotional deal. The general consensus did not agree with Beyonce taking up a deal with a company that essentially participates in obesity, by manufacturing sugary drinks. By looking at Beyonce's post-baby body, it's obvious that soda is not a part of her daily diet and exercise regiment. Bloggers slammed her for lending her star powered image to a refreshment that does not promote a positive lifestyle. I have to say that I agree. Now, saying this to my coworkers prompted a health

Somebody That You Used to Know

Hello 2013! Listing all of the things I must accomplish in this year isn't necessary because I really have no other option. Professional trumps personal this year, then again, it always has. Last weekend I was given the opportunity to hangout with an old lover ; she was also my first girlfriend. Since our relationship ended about 4 years ago, we have gone through several ups and downs. Revenge was one of my main priorities when it came to her. Our relationship was built on fairy tales and fallacies; unfortunately, everyone knew but me. The end came and we continued with our lives finding time to bump into each other along the way. We met up over the weekend and she appeared to be on the same shit she was when we broke up. Even my choice of words attest to the emotions she stirs within me. What seeing her really showed me was just how much things change, people change. As I pulled up on the driveway she was standing outside with friends draped in blue beads that reveal