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The Mis-Adventures Of A Lesbian Online Dater pt. 6

A fter getting over my first real lesbian relationship, I took the time to thoroughly enjoy the lovely ladies that New York City had to offer. The tool I used to assist me on these adventures was . The site is an LGBTQ dating site that I have mentioned previously as a pretty decent online dating platform. At this point in my life, I had just changed my major and I was working at New York Sports Club. Thanks to peer pressure from my coworkers, I had been working my ass off in the gym, well actually working it out. Plainly put, I was feeling really confident, and I think it showed because the ladies seemed to love me! I was dating consistently and getting all types of love from chics on the site. One of the most memorable of all of these dates was an androgynous, tall(6ft) and slender woman nicknamed,  Slim.  Slim:   I remember meeting Slim like it was yesterday. We exchanged messages on DowneLink and threw compliments back and forth. She was pretty much the

Lesbian Nightlife in NYC Reviewed

After reading an post featuring The Dalloway (a trendy SOHO lesbian bar that opened in September of 2012), I realized that the LGBTQ nightlife in NYC needs some reviewing from someone that is purely a patron. Luckily, I don't stand to gain anything from any of the places in NYC that I frequent, so I can be as straight forward as possible. As a black lesbian in this beautiful city, it has not always been so easy finding a bar or club that has just the right scene. Fortunately, my circle has expanded and I have been introduced to more lesbo-centric bars and nightclubs than necessary. I imagine the perfect lesbian bar/nightclub with a hard femme decor, diverse music, moderately priced drinks (with drink specials), dance space, lounge area, hot bartenders, bar food(wings, sliders and salads) and NO COVER. That is the perfect place no matter who you want to sleep with, but since we're here for the queer, let's stick to one portion of the population. Lesbi

Valentine's Day: Card Holiday or Chance at Romance?

Although the title of this post poses a question, there really is no denying that Valentines Day began as a great marketing ploy. Instead of us rejecting this attack on our love lives, we embraced it because deep down inside we all enjoy a little romance. After visiting a blog created by an acquaintance of mine, QueerGrub , I realized that some people have started to react quite violently to the holiday. For example, "I don’t need no holiday to tell me who loves and DOES not love me." This person strongly believes that advertisers are using Valentine's Day as a way to tell her who loves her. I have to say that she missed the point. Although this blogger believes she has rejected the purpose of the holiday, she has actually twisted it. Instead of thinking this one day determines who loves  you, think about it as a chance to show more  affection towards those you love. Out of 365 days of the year, I think it's absolutely wonderful that we (as a whole) can have o