The Mis-Adventures Of A Lesbian Online Dater pt. 6

After getting over my first real lesbian relationship, I took the time to thoroughly enjoy the lovely ladies that New York City had to offer. The tool I used to assist me on these adventures was The site is an LGBTQ dating site that I have mentioned previously as a pretty decent online dating platform.

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At this point in my life, I had just changed my major and I was working at New York Sports Club. Thanks to peer pressure from my coworkers, I had been working my ass off in the gym, well actually working it out. Plainly put, I was feeling really confident, and I think it showed because the ladies seemed to love me! I was dating consistently and getting all types of love from chics on the site. One of the most memorable of all of these dates was an androgynous, tall(6ft) and slender woman nicknamed, Slim.
Slim: I remember meeting Slim like it was yesterday. We exchanged messages on DowneLink and threw compliments back and forth. She was pretty much the tallest women I had ever considered dating and also the most masculine in appearance. Prior to her, I had only dated women that dressed femme, but she was so sweet that I had to at least check her out. Around this time, I had been spending so much time at a friends house in Harlem(145th street), so I usually used his area as a safe place to meet women for the first time. She happened to live on 135 street, so it was a short train ride over. I walked to the station and as I approached she was grinning from ear to ear. Once again, I was really confident at this time in my life, so I kind of knew that I wouldn't disappoint. She was also attractive with a low haircut, baggy jeans and a hoody.

We walked over to my friends house and I made sure to put that extra bounce in my step that made my ass move in just the right way. Once we arrived, I introduced her to my friends and we sat on the stoop to talk. She told me about her family in the South, why she moved here, her job working with kids, and that she was happy we met. The conversation flowed, and I was genuinely interested in Slim.

 It wasn't long before we were seeing each other as much as possible. She knew I was usually in Harlem, and she lived there too, so I'd walk her home and she liked the masculine edge to my femininity. One night, I asked my friend if I could use his apartment while he was away, he gave me the okay, and I invited her over. At first, Slim took control of everything from laying me down to taking off every bit of my clothes. Unfortunately, she had never dated a femme like me, so I had to show her how this worked. I flipped her over and kissed every inch of her before I reached the spot. After that I can confidently tell you, I had her.

After about three months, Slim fell in love with me. I knew she was, and I knew what I was doing to foster that, but to me it was just dating. At the time I was just so into myself that hurting others didn't even really matter. To me, a couple months of good sex and romance didn't add up to anything serious. One night, I got horny and invited Slim over, I remember sending the text knowing she wouldn't turn me down. I also knew I didn't really want to continue the good thing we had just because. I took her into the bedroom, stripped naked and kissed her like I loved her, just as I always had. What I didn't expect, was karma and her unrelenting way of giving you exactly what you deserve. I'm not sure if Slim hadn't gotten a chance to shower or if maybe it was just a bad day, but the smell that arose from her parts could have knocked me to the ground. I pulled away and she took it as a cue to give me head, I remember laying there just thinking boy is this fucked up, boy am I fucked up!

I kissed Slim and told her goodbye, knowing that when she went to North Carolina that weekend I would never speak to her again. After she left, she texted me pictures and continued to be her sweet self, while I ignored every message.


Lesson Learned: Up until about two years ago, I would search my old email account for any remnants of her. I had disabled my DowneLink account soon after ending it with her, so there was no way of finding her. Slim was a genuinely good person, that wanted me despite how shallow and flawed I was. Not to deduce my disregard for anyone's feelings, but the relationships I let slip through my fingers have helped me cherish the one I have now. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us lessons about ourselves. Slim taught me that I was a fool. 

On a side note: I have never smelt a vagina like that again in my life!

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