Valentine's Day: Card Holiday or Chance at Romance?

Although the title of this post poses a question, there really is no denying that Valentines Day began as a great marketing ploy. Instead of us rejecting this attack on our love lives, we embraced it because deep down inside we all enjoy a little romance.

After visiting a blog created by an acquaintance of mine, QueerGrub, I realized that some people have started to react quite violently to the holiday. For example, "I don’t need no holiday to tell me who loves and DOES not love me." This person strongly believes that advertisers are using Valentine's Day as a way to tell her who loves her. I have to say that she missed the point. Although this blogger believes she has rejected the purpose of the holiday, she has actually twisted it. Instead of thinking this one day determines who loves you, think about it as a chance to show more affection towards those you love.

Out of 365 days of the year, I think it's absolutely wonderful that we (as a whole) can have one that is designated for love. Yes, restaurants are flooded with reservations, Hallmark makes tons of money and florists run out of roses, but the romantic in me still thinks it's quite nice. For so long my only Valentine was my mother. She gave me a card and a bear to remind me she loved me. Soon after I had Valentine's of the opposite sex, and now of course the same sex. With or without these people, I would still have known that I was loved.

I don't blame St. Valentine, nor do I blame advertisers. Thanks for the timeout from the usual!


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