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The Countdown To Club Skirts Dinah Shore 2013

Today is Monday March 18th, and the countdown to The Dinah Shore 2013 is ON! Less than 16 days away from The Dinah, and excited doesn't quite describe how I feel. As a first timer, it's going to be a total body experience; soaking up the California sun, and processing the amount of half-naked people in the vicinity. In a previous post , I detailed the strict diet and exercise program I would begin just to tone up for this lesbian adventure, and I can proudly tell you that it wasn't as strict as I would like. After beating myself up about it for about 12 seconds, I realized I'm sexy and I know it, so it'll be all good! Fashion:  so far, I have purchased bathing suits, clothes, sandals, dresses and accessories to give the allusion that I am a fashion forward New Yorker venturing into the wild West Coast. Only half of that is true. I purchased a custom made (expensive) bikini top that I adore. All that I hope is that it arrives on time. The real outfits tha

Double-Consciousness: Black and Gay

I came across this video on Tumblr, it's a spoken word performance between two opposing sides that realize they are one in the same at the end. The spoken word is performed as a battle between a white LGBT woman, and a black woman. They trade historical experiences that have taken place in the history of the groups they are placed in, and they come to realize, their struggle makes them the same. After watching this video, I couldn't help but write something, anything. A while back I wrote a post about a man in American history that I adore. It focused on W.E.B. DuBois and his theory on  double-consciousness .  Du Bois came up with a theory called  double-consciousness , in a monthly editorial published in 1987, he described it as, "a world which yields him no true self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self t

The 5 Things That Should NEVER Appear on Your Online Dating Profile

"She misspelled "anticipate"." Tony uttered with disgust. "How can I date someone that can't spell?" My coworker was making his daily round on his PlentyOfFish account, and was taken aback by one particular woman's lack of care in constructing her profile. "If they have bad grammar, I'm not sending a message." As a writer, and grammar enthusiast, I felt bad for this woman that didn't realize how badly she was representing herself. When constructing an online dating profile, one must take time and put in a bit more effort than you may desire at the time. It's best to remember, that if you're truly looking to find love online, that extra bit of effort will  pay off. Of course, many of us are unsure about what should go on these standard profiles that barely shed any light on who we are as individuals. Just a few months ago I was helping a guy friend word his entire 'about me' section, and my mother who demanded