The Countdown To Club Skirts Dinah Shore 2013

Today is Monday March 18th, and the countdown to The Dinah Shore 2013 is ON!

Less than 16 days away from The Dinah, and excited doesn't quite describe how I feel. As a first timer, it's going to be a total body experience; soaking up the California sun, and processing the amount of half-naked people in the vicinity.

In a previous post, I detailed the strict diet and exercise program I would begin just to tone up for this lesbian adventure, and I can proudly tell you that it wasn't as strict as I would like. After beating myself up about it for about 12 seconds, I realized I'm sexy and I know it, so it'll be all good!

Fashion: so far, I have purchased bathing suits, clothes, sandals, dresses and accessories to give the allusion that I am a fashion forward New Yorker venturing into the wild West Coast. Only half of that is true. I purchased a custom made (expensive) bikini top that I adore. All that I hope is that it arrives on time.
The real outfits that deserved special attention were for the Monte Carlo party and the White Party. The White Party takes place on my best friends birthday, so we will be celebrating during the trip! We plan on really turning it up that night. As far as the hair, the hairstyle will be on ten, and I plan on leaving the salon looking like an 80's rock star.

Finance: tax season really is a splendid time of year, especially when you have a big trip planned. Some of my return went to paying off the trip, bits went to buying clothes and a good portion is sitting in my savings awaiting an assigned use. Cash shouldn't be an issue, but I also don't want to leave The Dinah broke.

Travelers: all of my fellow Dinah Shore first-timers are also West Coast first-timers like myself. This will be a nice experience for all of us. I've traveled with my bff a few times now, and we always have each other's backs.

Preparation: hair salon, pedicure, hair removal, 1000 crunches a night, new make-up and more tops.

*After doing some research on Club Skirts Dinah Shore, I realized there is really nothing on the experience. To solve that silly issue for those that take the trip after me, I'm going to blog during the vacation so that my experiences are fresh. Plus, the internet is a place for information, even gay information. 


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