The 5 Things That Should NEVER Appear on Your Online Dating Profile

"She misspelled "anticipate"." Tony uttered with disgust. "How can I date someone that can't spell?"
My coworker was making his daily round on his PlentyOfFish account, and was taken aback by one particular woman's lack of care in constructing her profile. "If they have bad grammar, I'm not sending a message."

As a writer, and grammar enthusiast, I felt bad for this woman that didn't realize how badly she was representing herself. When constructing an online dating profile, one must take time and put in a bit more effort than you may desire at the time. It's best to remember, that if you're truly looking to find love online, that extra bit of effort will pay off. Of course, many of us are unsure about what should go on these standard profiles that barely shed any light on who we are as individuals. Just a few months ago I was helping a guy friend word his entire 'about me' section, and my mother who demanded that I make sense of the ideas she had for her online dating profile as they floated around her head.

I went around and asked a few friends to chime in on the DO's and Don't's  for an online dating profile.

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1. Do NOT Use Bad Grammar or Misspell Words!As my coworker demonstrated above, people do judge you by the way you speak, write and text. While getting to know someone try to present yourself as somewhat intelligent, even if it only lasts for the first month. Ease your potential match into your inabilities because by then, they will like you too much to sweat it. No, but seriously use Microsoft Word if you're unable to tell the difference between "your" and "you're".

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2. Use a Profile Picture that is of YOU and YOU Alone!
Your online dating profile is about you, and not everyone else that is in your life. Your picture does not need to be taken with your dog, cat, lizard or with your children. This may not sit well with single mothers and fathers, but trust me. There is a section for that information, and that's all the information that is needed for your profile. As you get to know your match better all of that information will be shared.
Keep it strictly about you!

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3. DO NOT Talk About Your Ex!
I know the breakup was rough because heartbreak is no walk in the park. Remember that this online dating profile is meant to start anew, and there is no need to let any potential match know how badly you have been hurt. Refrain, from placing a synopsis of your last bad breakup in your about me. It's scary, and we all have been hurt. That's how this game of love works!

4. DO NOT "Warn" People in Your Profile!
Many of us have come across those people that list all of the reasons you should NOT message them. For example, "do not message me if you're unable to accept that I still sleep with my baby's father." These warning messages are like a rain cloud over a dating profile. Allow your profile to represent you as a positive person, instead list the reasons why someone should message you. For example, "message me if you love walks in Central Park during the summer." This person seems positive, this person will get a date!

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5. DO Share as Much as You Can!
Yes, the internet is a seedy and shadowy place where information can be shared and used for horrible things, but on your online dating profile try to be as open as possible. Be mindful of over-sharing, but try and blend those lines by making the reader want to know more. You are a wonderful and interesting person, share that!


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