Partying While Black

You ever walk into a party, and everyone just has this stank look on their face? It's as if they were forced to be there, and they can't believe you decided to show up looking all enthused.

I  have a complaint to make, and it may offend some, but I have to get it off my chest.
I have given up on going to parties that are predominantly black. I'm done with the entire scene because the cliquey, hard exterior given off  by the attendants at these events are a buzz kill to say the least. 
Stereotyping, and clumping groups of people together is never my goal. Of course, I have never partied with all of the black people in the world, but in NYC the scene is the same way every time. A room full of what should be, like-minded people partying, drinking and dancing. Unfortunately, it's like this uncomfortable environment where half of the people are dancing, and the other half are watching looking as if they wonder why you're dancing. Then you dread bumping into someone because they give you a wide-eyed look, as if you're wrong for even moving. This may sound like a rant, but this has been my experience and through conversations with other people of color it's a shared experience.

I believe it has something to do with dancing. What started off as a form of expression and joy, has become this status symbol, shit, maybe even a mating ritual. As I walked through a party I went to on Saturday, I overhead a woman chatting with her group, "... and then she started dancing with me and I was like, uh, uh girl. And moved away." Although I initially thought she was beautiful, she instantly took on the form of Shrek because I can't stand people that feel that way! Despite what YOU may think, dancing is just dancing, and because someone dances with you does not mean they want to get into your jeans. People are actually hesitant to go up to someone and dance with them, in fear that they might abruptly turn around, look them over and walk off. Any individuals like this at a party, need to be sent home.

On the other side of the coin, we have queer parties and events that are predominantly white.
For instance, Dinah Shore, a huge event made up of predominantly white queer people looking to soak up sun and have a grand old time. In this environment, bumping into someone might get you a free drink and a lap dance. No but seriously, they are much more friendly. A night out in this type of environment might even make you feel better about yourself because there's no shortage of compliments.

I love black people. I don't have a self-loathing bone in my body, but I don't know if I can party with all of them, especially if I'm looking to actually have a good time. Hopefully, I'll get invited to an amazing event that will destroy my whole argument. Until then, where the white people at?!


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