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Being Gay is a Choice?

Since the first talk my mother and I had concerning my sexuality, I knew that this wouldn't be a walk in the park. We sat in my room together, and as the words slipped from my mouth it seemed to get darker and colder all at once. As her head lowered, I knew that she was disappointed, despite how much she loves me. Today, my mother and I have little quarrels over her assumptions and thoughtless comments concerning the LGBTQ community. On some occasions I have the strength to check her on these comments, but sometimes I just don't have the energy During a recent conversation, we were discussing a woman I know in passing who is currently dating someone close to me. She says, "...oh and that straight girl, because you can't have a baby and then date women!" Although this argument is consistently used by lesbians all over, I don't want to hear it from my hetero-normative mother. Why? Because she isn't sympathetic. She has a lesbian daughter that she suppo

A Quarter Of A Century

In three days I will celebrate my 25th birthday. *** What do numbers mean?  They represent measurements of time, money, space, weight and in this case age. In a few days ill be turning 25 and I have never felt so disgusted with myself. I've hit this weird patch where I've lost sight of my dreams and aspirations. Goals are now only salary increases, yet another number. When asked what I wanted for my birthday my only reply was, "a raise...".  What I have successfully done before reaching 25, is lose my ambition. I've lost the part of me that imagined more. I still have the will to strive but my expectations are sub par at best. The last time I felt ambitious and happy was when I was in my last year of college . I had so much going on and so much that had to be done. I literally had no time to think of anything outside of my studies. As I write this now, I realize that although I was happiest at that time it was also just another space for me to becom

Navigating The One Night Stand

As my friend bumped into her I would have never had guessed I'd end up in her bed the following morning. The conversation began as most bar talks do with the predictable question, "what do you do?". There was no way this innocent exchange would lead to multiple orgasms, and an awkward goodbye. She was tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed and charming. Five minutes into the conversation I was given enough subtle compliments to reassure any woman, and I girlishly blushed every time. There was nothing not to like about her, absolutely nothing. We were tucked away in a corner of the bar in this small world of possibilities. It was possible that we would part ways. It was possible that we'd make plans for the next evening. My predictions came to an unexpected end when she whispered, "come home with me". It'a funny little quirk but right before sex I get shy. As if I'm trying to preserve something that has no chance of lasting. The doorman nodded his

The Challenges of Dating as a Bi Woman

*By Guest Blogger Katie E Whether you’re gay or straight, dating is difficult . However, when you’re dating as a bi woman, you get both sets of challenges — and then some. Gay women are wary of you. Straight men objectify you (and then they’re wary of you). Bi women are more often bi-curious than bi-sexual and you’re well past the years of wanting to be someone’s first or teach them the ropes. However, if you want to find a life partner (or even a second date), you have to keep putting yourself out there. You’d think the advent of online dating would make things easier , but it often seems to further complicate things. If you’re ready to get back out there, whether you’re newly single or tackling a dry spell, here are some easy ways to go about it. Avoid the Definition of Insanity When you keep doing the same things and expecting different results, that’s the colloquial definition of insanity and yet that’s what so many people do when dating. You might go to the same bar