Navigating The One Night Stand

As my friend bumped into her I would have never had guessed I'd end up in her bed the following morning. The conversation began as most bar talks do with the predictable question, "what do you do?". There was no way this innocent exchange would lead to multiple orgasms, and an awkward goodbye.

She was tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed and charming. Five minutes into the conversation I was given enough subtle compliments to reassure any woman, and I girlishly blushed every time. There was nothing not to like about her, absolutely nothing.

We were tucked away in a corner of the bar in this small world of possibilities. It was possible that we would part ways. It was possible that we'd make plans for the next evening. My predictions came to an unexpected end when she whispered, "come home with me".

It'a funny little quirk but right before sex I get shy. As if I'm trying to preserve something that has no chance of lasting.

one night stand image
The doorman nodded his head as we passed, and we headed towards the elevator. Roommates were sprawled across the couch, but managed to give me a decent greeting considering the hour. Before I could lay down my coat she was on me, unbuckling and undressing.

I counted at least 6 but no less than 8. This little orgasm came by a finger, this little orgasm came by two, this little orgasm was loud, this little one was prude...


This was my first one night stand. As I walked out of the building I realized this was a feeling I had never had. I'd never see her again despite what we had shared.

Your ego takes a hit when there is no follow up text or even a check up that comes a few days later. Then again, most of my sexual experiences weren't with someone I had met only a few hours before. This was new territory, territory I was unlikely to travel to again.


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