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Album Review: Kanye West - "Yeezus"

Kanye West has a real interest in race and religion. These hot topics are weaved all throughout his latest album, “Yeezus” which is an obvious nod to the aforementioned topic. As political as the album is, there is no denying that Kanye set out to make an album that could not be compared to any other rap album of our time. In his New York Times interview he described himself as a “new wave rapper” and he has delivered a new wave rap album; equipped with auto-tune, oldies samples and reggae artists. You may assume these pieces may not fit into the same puzzle, but he may make you a believer. Essentially, in order to hear “Yeezus” you will need to put aside whatever your ideals are about rap music. Read my full review here .

Gay In The Workplace

Being gay in the workplace isn't always easy, but I have yet to experience any violent discrimination due to the color of my skin or my sexuality, so I count myself lucky. That doesn't mean I don't realize the difference between being a heterosexual woman in the workplace versus being a homosexual. A few days ago, I approached a coworker with a question in mind. A few of my other coworkers and I wanted to know if she wanted to join us at an event after work. I approached her desk and said, "I have something to ask you, but it isn't so professional". She replies, "oh what? You wanna know if I'm single?", she giggles and then says, "sexual harassment?". Now I may have been overreacting, but her automatic assumption that I was going to approach her with anything sexual in nature was a complete turn off. I shook my head and walked away in disgust. Okay, now she obviously felt comfortable enough with me to believe she could make a jo