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Forbidden Fruit And Other Thoughts on Love

by Guest Blogger Victoria F.                  It is a theory that can be worded in so many different ways; "the grass is always greener on the other side" .  As old it may be, it rings true especially in my current circumstance, partnered by that of many of my friends. Perhaps this poison draws us because we, as humans, are curious creatures. We often seek to learn more and discover the unknown. You are presented with both positive and negative possibilities when you seek to learn what you don't already know. But the root of that is simple curiosity, the desire to know more or to find out what you are not told. But why is this; why is it that we hold a stronger hunger pain for what we cannot obtain, as opposed to having a pure passion for what is in front of us? Sappy, but true! You know those relationships that slip past you. Those people that always make you wonder, what could have been? We met in high school and I could have never imagined she would s

Keeping Up With Your Ex' s Family

A breakup can be a really sensitive situation, especially when you and your ex have been together for quite a long time. Anything over two years ensures that the situation will not only include you two, but it also might include family and friends. Here is where it can get ugly... During my first real relationship , I had gotten pretty close with my lovers family. They included me in family events, helped me spend more time with my then girlfriend and her mother even took me to get my hair done. Ill just say I loved her like a second mother.  Towards the end of our relationship I'd go and see her family even when she wasn't around because I did feel close to them, but I knew that this period couldn't last for too long. It's perfectly okay to keep in touch but lengthy visits and going out of my way to see them wasn't something I believed should continue. Today, I still make sure to always wish her mother a Happy Mother's Day because she is a great mom. 

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

We cannot expect a justice system to fairly support a section of the population that it wasn't meant to protect.  Having black skin comes with a heavy burden. We can be seen as suspicious, troubled, and automatically guilty. Before Zimmerman left his car he profiled Trayvon Martin as a "thug", obviously up to no good. We can say this isn't about race, but if Trayvon was white he wouldn't have been seen as a threat.   The prosecution had the job of proving that Zimmerman had intended to kill Taryvon. They were to prove that Zimmerman sought out Trayvon to harm him. Unfortunately, the jury believed that was not the case.  Social media is a beautiful thing because it allows us to connect with people that may share similar interests with us. It also places us in contact with those that don't. As I try my best to avoid any debates on this situation, it's heartbreaking to come across people I know that feel that justice was served today. All that I

Dark Skin vs. Light Skin

My family is made up of all the shades of black there are. Some of us are fairer than others and some of us are darker than others. I consider myself to be in the middle, a brown skin girl in my brown skin world. Through out my life I've been referred to as dark skin and light skin, neither of which made any difference in my self-esteem or self-worth. Skin color has NEVER been a factor to me. Oprah's OWN Network premiered a documentary titled "Dark Girls" focusing on the experience of being a dark skin woman within a community that is self-loathing. These women shared stories of family members putting bleach in their bath water in hopes that their skin would lighten over time. These memories were implanted by their own families, and caused these women to feel ugly and worthless. Neither of which are true. The age old "debate" Recently, someone close to me has started making subtle comments revealing his distaste for dark skinned people . As