George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

We cannot expect a justice system to fairly support a section of the population that it wasn't meant to protect. 

Having black skin comes with a heavy burden. We can be seen as suspicious, troubled, and automatically guilty. Before Zimmerman left his car he profiled Trayvon Martin as a "thug", obviously up to no good. We can say this isn't about race, but if Trayvon was white he wouldn't have been seen as a threat. 

The prosecution had the job of proving that Zimmerman had intended to kill Taryvon. They were to prove that Zimmerman sought out Trayvon to harm him. Unfortunately, the jury believed that was not the case. 

Social media is a beautiful thing because it allows us to connect with people that may share similar interests with us. It also places us in contact with those that don't. As I try my best to avoid any debates on this situation, it's heartbreaking to come across people I know that feel that justice was served today. All that I can hope is that no one ever approaches them with a gun as they walk home. That no one ever assumes they are "up to no good" because they are wearing a hoodie. 

P.S. Florida's stand your ground law needs to be revisited. 


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