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Online Dating For The "Single White Female"

by Guest Blogger Victoria F. 22/Scorpio/White/Female/Single/College/Employed                 These bland facts don’t exactly describe me, but for the purposes of online dating, it’s all I needed. When you have an online dating profile; everything people know about you is strictly based on what you tell them. When I first decided to create one, and share my new adventure with friends, a lot of them were apprehensive to say the least. Quite a few of them warned me and said "don't get Catfished" - which has since become such an internet epidemic that MTV made a show all about it. After spending a decent amount of time on my own, I've decided to see what the internet could have to offer me. I've tried meeting people at bars or at clubs, but it doesn't usually go anywhere. Perhaps I'll exchange numbers with someone, but that never led me to an actual relationship. More often than not, clubs are filled with mostly twenty-something’s all looking for one g

Femininity and Long Hair

Beyonc é  cut her hair. Well, she removed a fair amount of Malaysia's finest weave, and gave herself a trim.  As a woman that also decided to make a big chop two years ago, I was disgusted by the amount of people berating Beyoncé as if she somehow lost her womanhood with a single snip. Twitter went crazy and her pixie cut even inspired a new trending topic, #ShorterThanBeyonceHair.  Why do long hair and femininity go hand in hand?   Is a woman only a woman based on the length of her tresses? Long hair as a symbol of beauty has been ingrained in a woman’s mentality from the time she could read. The story of Rapunzel and her long hair was not only about saving a princess, but also about a woman’s hair. Without Rapunzel’s flowing golden hair, she could not have been saved from the tower. I suppose short haired Rapunzel would just have had to suffer. Long hair is intrinsically related to a woman’s beauty, femininity and power, despite almost anything else.  Read my full stor

Smash N' Dash: Is No Strings Attached Sex Shameful?

"If you want this , we have to be in a relationship" she said just above a whisper. "Cause I'm not giving it up like that."  Those few words lead me to a year long relationship with a girl that was my polar opposite. I knew what I wanted from her, and ultimately she knew what I'd do to get it. If only I had had the forethought and maturity to realize it was not worth it. Before my parents were born, there was an impression made on young  people early on that in order to have sex they have to be married. It was thought that sex before marriage went against religion, cultural norms and for women it was seen as especially unladylike. Since these seemingly prehistoric days, much has changed in the ways in which people interact sexually. The sexual revolution brought about a new outlook into what people do behind closed doors. Unfortunately, a woman is still seen as "loose" for being sexual, but I'm still hoping things will change. Mainly beca

Why Aren't More Young Women Feminists?

By Guest Blogger Katie E. I have a cousin who recently graduated from high school. I was talking to her the other day about her Advanced Placement history class, and she told me something surprising: Out of 15 girls in the class, she was the only one who self-identified as a feminist. She found this out after her teacher took a poll following a lesson on the feminist movement of the 1960s and ‘70s.  My cousin found this disturbing. She said she has a number of good friends in the class, and if you judged these girls on word and deed, they certainly fit into the “feminist” mold. However, it’s just not a label they are comfortable applying to themselves. I have to admit, I’m shocked and saddened by this. Feminist Without the Label Labels are such a big thing in our society. You’re labeled an addict when you go to addiction rehab centers and you’re labeled irresponsible if you get a traffic violation. But is it really so important to adopt a label for yourself if you live