Femininity and Long Hair

Beyoncé cut her hair. Well, she removed a fair amount of Malaysia's finest weave, and gave herself a trim. As a woman that also decided to make a big chop two years ago, I was disgusted by the amount of people berating Beyoncé as if she somehow lost her womanhood with a single snip. Twitter went crazy and her pixie cut even inspired a new trending topic, #ShorterThanBeyonceHair. 
Why do long hair and femininity go hand in hand? Is a woman only a woman based on the length of her tresses?
Long hair as a symbol of beauty has been ingrained in a woman’s mentality from the time she could read. The story of Rapunzel and her long hair was not only about saving a princess, but also about a woman’s hair. Without Rapunzel’s flowing golden hair, she could not have been saved from the tower. I suppose short haired Rapunzel would just have had to suffer. Long hair is intrinsically related to a woman’s beauty, femininity and power, despite almost anything else. Read my full story here!


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