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The Mis-Adventures of Lesbian Online Dating Pt. 7

There are few occasions in which I can say that I've felt "lonely". I've been alone in the sense that I was by myself in a situation, but the word "lonely" rarely crosses my lips. I consider it a silly feeling, but I do remember one time that I was lonely and desperation kicked in. The Craigslist Personals section is the anus of the internet . That may sound weird but bare with me. It is the anus in the sense that no matter what you put into it, most things are likely to come out like shit... except corn but you know what I mean. One night I was eager to try out this new place LGBTQ friendly place in Brooklyn. From what I had been told There were live performances, great DJ's and a moderately priced bar. To all those that know me, this is all the makings of a good time. I wanted to go, but I had no real friends in Brooklyn at the time and I didn't want to go alone. Here's where feeling lonely gets you into trouble. I made a posting in th

DJ Mister Cee: Homosexuality and Hip-Hop

“And then I’m sitting here and saying ‘I’m not gay’ because I haven’t penetrated another man…” DJ Mister Cee said. DJ Mister Cee, I mean this with all respect, but I have to ask what in the entire fuck are you talking about?! The Hip-hop community is homophobic. There's really no other way to put it. Aside from the creativity, spirit and culture filling it, the community is solely based on hyper-masculinity. At least that's how it has always been portrayed, with music videos of half naked women dancing to misogynistic lyrics. Last week, DJ Mister Cee was put on blast by drag queen and internet personality, Bimbo Winehouse . He released a video that distinctly includes Mister Cee's voice soliciting him for a sexual favor. Unfortunately for Mister Cee, none of these private moments have ever been left in the dark. This is one of many times that he has been caught out and/or arrested while soliciting a male prostitute for a sexual favor. As one of the most well-known

Friend Code: Being The One to Break Bad News

Being a good friend to someone is hard work. There's no instruction manual and there's no set schedule. At any time of day, your friend may call you with an emergency and if you are in driving distance away, then bitch you better get a move on. Men have it a little easier. A bromance consists of being a good wing man, and being there when they want to talk about nothing. For women, the friend code is written in blood and sealed with Cambodian breast milk. You can't just cut a girl-friend off! It will be a process. One of the most unfortunate times in a woman's life is when they have to tell their friend that their significant other is or was cheating on them. Is it too much to say that I'd rather walk on hot coals than tell another woman her partner has cheated?  Women do not take kindly to this kind of information. Essentially, this kind of reveal is an attack on a woman's pride. Almost instantly she questions your friendship, loses all her common se

Lesbian Stereotypes 101: U-Hauling

Stereotypes play a huge role in our society. We stereotype people based on the color of their skin, the slant in their eyes; the shape of their nose and because of whatever region they were born in. Humans are always willing to place things into categories, but I won't say they all rest on shaky ground. Do you see what they think of us?! Women are emotional creatures. Let's be real, we are all emotional creatures, but women just seem to express those emotions better than others. We will gladly extend ourselves for the person we love in hopes that they will reciprocate. Women are also particularly good at nesting. We will make a home out of dirt, grass and sticks if only to keep those we love close to us and safe. According to popular belief, aka stereotyping, lesbians are exceptionally skilled at the move in process. In any and every movie you see with a lesbian couple, it's perceived that the week after they met they said, "I love you" and rented a U-