The Mis-Adventures of Lesbian Online Dating Pt. 7

There are few occasions in which I can say that I've felt "lonely". I've been alone in the sense that I was by myself in a situation, but the word "lonely" rarely crosses my lips. I consider it a silly feeling, but I do remember one time that I was lonely and desperation kicked in.

The Craigslist Personals section is the anus of the internet. That may sound weird but bare with me. It is the anus in the sense that no matter what you put into it, most things are likely to come out like shit... except corn but you know what I mean.

One night I was eager to try out this new place LGBTQ friendly place in Brooklyn. From what I had been told There were live performances, great DJ's and a moderately priced bar. To all those that know me, this is all the makings of a good time. I wanted to go, but I had no real friends in Brooklyn at the time and I didn't want to go alone.

Here's where feeling lonely gets you into trouble. I made a posting in the Craig's list personals seeking an LGBTQ woman interested in meeting for drinks in Brooklyn. I mentioned the live performance and that it was just a fun night out. Within an hour I had five responses and every one seemed genuinely interested in meeting. The next day more responses came in and the night of the event I had two confirmed and a possible.

In preparation for the night I got my hair done, pulled the tags off a new outfit and I was feeling good. I hopped in a cab and got to the place 45 minutes before the proposed time and sat at the bar, first mistake.

Brooklyn is a big place, but I seem to run into people I know all the time. The bartender was a handsome guy I met at a friends house party the weekend prior and he had no qualms about helping me shake off any nervous energy with a few free drinks. By the time I received the first text from my date for the evening, I was definitely at the point where I should be putting the glass down, but he kept on pouring and I kept on throwing 'em back. A woman next to me started to cozy up and before I knew it my date was standing right behind me. I jumped up and awkwardly hugged her before realizing she had her arms crossed. I handed her my drink and asked her to take a seat while I used the restroom.

By now, I was well passed my three drink limit, and my decision to only eat a salad seemed like a monumental error, but I didn't feel sick, I was just on the road to sloppy. I pulled myself together and walked out. She had loosened up and looked me up and down as I approached her. This wasn't supposed to be that type of meet up, but there she was giving me the eyes and there I was under the influence. We started talking about how we rarely use Craig's list, but glad that we were able to cross paths, and she ordered a round of shots. We tossed them back and she got close. Unable to read any body langue cues and quickly realizing that I needed water, I leaned in and kissed her. That is literally the last thing that I remember.
I woke up the next morning in my bedroom. I jumped up and checked for my wallet, cellphone and keys. I had all three. Nothing was missing and I didn't have any noticeable marks on me. I did have two missed calls from a number I did not recognize. I called it and a groggy and deep voice answered. It was the bartender and he said he called me to find out why I had left so abruptly. Apparently, I was all over the girl after the shot, but she didn't seem to mind. Sometime after, she got up for the bathroom and I ran out the front door. He said the bouncer told him I waved a cab and left.

Whenever I get to a certain point in the evening when I know I am past my limit, I leave. Usually without any warning. I just escape wherever I am. I felt horrible for leaving my date, but the bartender told me she asked him where I had gone, and looked for me for a bit, and then just stayed for the show. I never heard from her following that and I cannot blame her.
Lesson Learned: I often discuss bad first dates with people I've met through online dating, but I haven't always mentioned my own faults. Here is an excellent example of a fail on my own part. Drinking with your friends and people you know and love is much safer than getting plastered with someone you've just met. It's never smart to pre-game before meeting someone new because you come off immature and unable to handle your liquor. This wasn't my first time around the block, but I'm sure I looked the amateur. Also, I really have to work on saying, "goodbye".

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