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What Women Want - The "Thirsty" Edition

Women are hard to please. I'll just say it plainly, women suck! So I'm talking to a friend of mine, and she's dishing about this new guy she met. They hung out the first time and it went great everything went well he didn't seem weird, and he's doing well for himself. I'm genuinely happy for her until she says... "He's kind of been on my dick though about hanging out, like he's a little thirsty."   Hold up! This is coming from the single woman that has gone through several shitty men that haven't fulfilled any of her expectations. In one breath you say he's cool and someone you could be interested in, and then you cut him down because he actually wants to see your silly ass?! Facts. Here's the thing, women want a partner that is loyal to them and genuinely interested. They want someone that is honest, open and secure. Yet, they will instantly call this person "thirsty" the minute they ask them what thei

Coming Out: My Friend’s Story

By Guest Blogger Katie E   Meeting certain people comes as a surprise, especially when you get along with them so well even after only knowing that person for a few months. A friend and colleague of mine, Richie, met me back in July when he was training for a new position at our job. It was strange meeting someone who was so personable and outgoing, especially as we first began speaking. We spoke briefly, and I got the impression that there was something more to him – something I wanted to know more about. We sat down one day, discussing our daily lives. He admitted to me that he was excited for this upcoming October 11, since it was National Coming Out Day . Continuing, he explained to me that he was a homosexual man that enjoyed his sexuality and felt as though it made him stronger . Seeing the enthusiasm on his face, I wanted to know more about his sexuality. I had several gay friends in the past. Most of them never really wanted to share their coming out experience a

What To Do When Your Ex Gets Engaged

Last weekend, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed minding other peoples business, when I came across something that caused me to pause. My ex had announced via Instagram, that she had proposed to her girlfriend and she said "yes"!  After seeing this, I congratulated her in true Instagram-Generation Y fashion and double tapped on the image and left a comment saying, "congrats". I then continued to scroll through with this interesting bit of news on my mind. Although we broke up long ago, I still felt a weird mixture of emotions. I don't secretly long for her or wish we were together, but her choice to be with one person and ask them to marry her, made me ponder my own future. It's interesting how another persons choice can make you question your own.  What to do when your ex gets engaged: 1. Congratulate her. 2. Avoid thinking about your own relationship situation, it may not end well. 3. Continue doing whatever it is you were d

No New Friends

Since graduating college I have started to realize that making friends isn't so easy. I don't know if it's just me, but I am incapable of meeting like-minded people at my age right now. Am I an awkward adult? Was I cooler at 15 than I am now? Based on my fashion sense alone I highly doubt it, but 15 year old Jayelle had lots of friends. Fifteen-year-old Jayelle had a social life that was genuinely fun.  A few months back, I set out to meet some new people. I was looking for 21-30 year old women that were educated, sane, open-minded, employed and fun loving. I made a few connections, but eventually I let them fall to the side. These types of women should be easy to find, and they were except for one little thing.   I don't want to get know anyone! Don't get me wrong, I know that this is part of developing new friendships, but I already spent so much time getting to know the few people I have in my life, that I just can't be bothered with anyon