What To Do When Your Ex Gets Engaged

Last weekend, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed minding other peoples business, when I came across something that caused me to pause.

My ex had announced via Instagram, that she had proposed to her girlfriend and she said "yes"! 

engaged image
After seeing this, I congratulated her in true Instagram-Generation Y fashion and double tapped on the image and left a comment saying, "congrats". I then continued to scroll through with this interesting bit of news on my mind.

Although we broke up long ago, I still felt a weird mixture of emotions. I don't secretly long for her or wish we were together, but her choice to be with one person and ask them to marry her, made me ponder my own future. It's interesting how another persons choice can make you question your own. 

What to do when your ex gets engaged:
1. Congratulate her.
2. Avoid thinking about your own relationship situation, it may not end well.
3. Continue doing whatever it is you were doing before you found this out.


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