What Women Want - The "Thirsty" Edition

Women are hard to please. I'll just say it plainly, women suck!

So I'm talking to a friend of mine, and she's dishing about this new guy she met. They hung out the first time and it went great everything went well he didn't seem weird, and he's doing well for himself. I'm genuinely happy for her until she says...
"He's kind of been on my dick though about hanging out, like he's a little thirsty."  

Hold up! This is coming from the single woman that has gone through several shitty men that haven't fulfilled any of her expectations. In one breath you say he's cool and someone you could be interested in, and then you cut him down because he actually wants to see your silly ass?!

the thirst meme image
Here's the thing, women want a partner that is loyal to them and genuinely interested. They want someone that is honest, open and secure. Yet, they will instantly call this person "thirsty" the minute they ask them what their plans are for the week. 

Now I know the "thirst" can be real and some people are far too quick to "fall in love", but when someone wants to see you and expresses that to you in a non-weirdo way; try your best to avoid using the term "thirsty". The honesty and balls it takes to tell someone you want to see them when you're not already in a relationship with them is monumental.

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You may be wondering why I'm so passionate about the subject; why I'm out here vouching for "thirsty" people. The reason is, that "thirsty" person could be me! We have all been that person, genuinely interested in someone who seems so unavailable. I'm really good at taking a hint, but if I'm interested in someone I show them. I try to see them or try and make plans. Of course I won't do all this for someone who is showing me they are not interested, but if you're not interested in someone tell them, instead of chatting about how "thirsty" they are. 

I'd like to send a shout-out to all the "thirsty" men and women out there chasing an unavailable woman. I feel your pain, and I'm bringing water. 


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