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Cuffing Season: Bringing Your Partner Home For The Holidays

I have commitment issues.  There's really no deep or meaningful way to say that. I could relate this back to my father leaving my mother, but I don't even know if that's the cause of it. I just cannot blame my issues with "settling down" on my father. I just can't! For the past two years, my partner has stayed on the outside of my family life. She's been apart of my day-to-day, watched me graduate college and change jobs, but I've consistently left her out of my family time. I believe that the time I spend with my family is limited, and I prefer to just be with them without having to split that time between the two. She believes my choice to leave her out of these family moments is an insult, and she has started to question my feelings.  I also believed that because I hadn't been around her family that she had no right to call me out on this separation. This worked pretty well, until she invited me to Thanksgiving with her family thi

Nicole Malachi, The Endo Warrior

We sat across from one another and I stared at her indifferently. In my eyes she had abandoned our burgeoning friendship, as I so desperately wanted to make new friends . I felt as though meeting up again was a waste of time, and as our mutual friends filled the seats around us I kept thinking that I shouldn't have come. "You can't just not talk to your friends! You can't just disappear!" I yelled at her. She looked at me with such surprise and replied, "Jayelle, I didn't think you'd even care."  That was the last time I saw Nicole, and I thought I'd never see her again. At the time I felt she was wrong, but looking back I now know that she was right. Yesterday evening I attended an event for the Endo Warriors support group for women living with endometriosis. The event was held at The Bubble Lounge in New York City, and Nicole invited me despite how long it had been since we last saw each other.  When I walked in, s

Flying Under The Gaydar

Yesterday evening, I attended a book signing for one of my favorite authors/bloggers Samantha Irby. Her blog has provided me with endless laughs, and the success of her musings lead to the creation of her first book, "Meaty".  Samantha Irby and I (I was too excited) The event went even better than I expected, and I was happy to be in a room of like-minded liberal women , high on meeting a great author. After taking a photo and sharing a few words with Samantha, I walked over to a bar that was down the street from the bookstore. After a few moments, a few of the ladies from the signing started piling in. I asked a few of them if they knew if Samantha would be joining us, and none of them were sure, so I put on my bold bitch  hat, walked over there and invited Samantha and the remaining crowd over to the bar. In about a half hour, I had successfully turned this quaint neighborhood bar into a full fledged scene. The bartender thanked me wi