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What I Left Behind in 2013

Today is the last Thursday of 2013.
This year was good to me. I moved back to the city I love most, NYC, and was able to grow within a company that I knew would not be the final place for me.
My previous position was within a company that was also in the stages of growing, and in a way I just grew up a bit faster. What I’m trying to say is: I got a new job.
 What I left behind in 2013, was that old position and most of all that underlying feeling of uneasiness within the company. A friend of mine asked me what I missed most about my previous job, and I couldn't find anything. Unfortunately, being strategic in career moves does not include your coworkers, so mentioning the good people I left behind isn't necessary.
Friendships are gained and lost. This is yet another year where I will leave behind people that I started this year with. There’s no love lost though because everything happens for a reason and sometimes we can’t see those reasons immediately. I’m happy with the peop…

Online Dating 101: Meeting Someone For The First Time

"I'm just so excited to meet him!" she said with glee. "It's been so long since I've had such a connection with someone." These were the last words she uttered to me the day before her date stood her up. She had recently worked up the nerve to start online dating, and through she thought she had found love. He was tall, dark and handsome just like she likes them. They had been speaking for about two weeks, so meeting each other and hitting it off would be the icing on the proverbial cake. 
What could go wrong? They had spent hours on the phone, started calling each other "baby" and most of all he was a great listener.
Her: "I just don't know why he could't have called?" Me: "Well, sorry ass people do shit like that..."
Her: "It would have been okay if he had just told me he couldn't make it. I was so excited to meet him." Me: "On to the next one, girl."
Her: "Do you think I shoul…

Quit Smoking The Easy Way...

By Guest Blogger Victoria F. 

2014 is almost here, and we’re all going to start thinking about those goals we want to achieve in the New Year. Resolutions are made, and broken, but I decided to start one early. I quit smoking the easiest way that I knew how, and it didn't require any money or time. However, it did require selfishness, and it did require strength. 
...the best way to quit smoking is to just stop.

For six years of my life there was only one thing that was consistent: I never knew what to expect. From 16 to 22,  I changed so much. I graduated high school, fell in and out of love; lost my only grandfather and moved away to college.
The only other constant was that I smoked cigarettes.My Father has smoked for as long as I've been alive, as did my closest friends. It never bothered me or grossed me out. It interested me because it always appeared to be a social thing. Whenever I would be with my parents and my Dad went outside, almost all his friends would follow.
When …