What I Left Behind in 2013

Today is the last Thursday of 2013.

This year was good to me. I moved back to the city I love most, NYC, and was able to grow within a company that I knew would not be the final place for me.

My previous position was within a company that was also in the stages of growing, and in a way I just grew up a bit faster. What I’m trying to say is: I got a new job.
 What I left behind in 2013, was that old position and most of all that underlying feeling of uneasiness within the company. A friend of mine asked me what I missed most about my previous job, and I couldn't find anything. Unfortunately, being strategic in career moves does not include your coworkers, so mentioning the good people I left behind isn't necessary.

Friendships are gained and lost. This is yet another year where I will leave behind people that I started this year with. There’s no love lost though because everything happens for a reason and sometimes we can’t see those reasons immediately. I’m happy with the people that are in my life, and I appreciate their tireless effort to keep up with my moody ways.

Patience will probably be something that I continue to lose as I get older. I just see less reason to even discuss or think about anything that isn't improving my current circumstances or adding to my life. In 2013, I will leave behind the little girl inside of me that tried to make everyone around me happy. There just isn't enough time because I’m too busy making myself happy…
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