Lovin' That Black Booty

It was a Friday night, and I found myself in a club in New Brunswick. The college kids were out, and the bars were packed. As my friends spoke to the bartender to order some drinks, I turned around to survey the crowd. Almost instantly, this disheveled white guy caught my eye and walked up towards me. As he approached, my friends turned around and handed me a drink; "I just loooOve black booty!" he said. With wide eyes and mouths agape we stared in disbelief, did he just really say that shit? This fool had committed a crime and he didn't even know it.

She was still high off the events that took place the night before, and still trying to put the pieces together; skipping from one topic to the next as always. Before we said our goodbyes, she mentioned meeting up with a girl from her past and how great their chemistry seemed to be, "I'm going to have hot lesbian sex on Tuesday." This wasn't something abnormal for her, but it still made her excited. She continued, "before she left the other day she gave me a hot lesbian kiss!", she said with glee.

I am the black booty that has hot lesbian sex. Both of these ridiculous and objectifying statements pertain to me, and so many others. The most interesting part is that neither of these people realized that what they said was offensive. Black women have been objectified since the beginning of time, with women such as The Hottentot Venus put on display for the viewing of white men in England. 

Similarly, lesbians will also continue to be objectified so long as men find hot lesbian sex to be attractive and acceptable. My friend enjoys sex of all kinds, but never refers to any act with a man as hot straight sex, so why the needs to categorize sex with a woman? Ultimately, sex is sex, and no matter the gender of the person that gets you off, those toes will curl.


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