90 Days

Punctuality. ü
Dependability. ü
Works well with others. ü
Knowledge of the field. ü
Passion for the job. ü
Willingness to learn. ü
Professionalism. ü

Yesterday was the 90 day review for my fairly new position with this new company. In a previous post, I mentioned moving on and growing, well this review marked yet another transition. Working alongside my new coworkers the past three months has been nothing, but a joy. I have been challenged in ways, I didn't believe I was capable of handling, yet I met every obstacle with a smile. In short, my review went well. I was complimented for my efforts thus far, and reminded that there are no glass ceilings within their walls. A few months ago, I would never have been given the chance to stand before a client and share my knowledge of the digital world as it relates to social media. A few months ago, I would have done all of the leg work without any time to shine. A few months ago, I was fighting for a menial salary increase. Today, I stand as a respected professional within a company that celebrates achievement.

While at dinner last night, I was asked if I feel more secure in my position within the company.  Interestingly, I never felt that my job was on the line, but what I did feel and still do was the pressure to fulfill every expectation that the executives have for me. This isn't the type of pressure that eats away at you, and causes you to stress out uncontrollably. This is the type of pressure that reminds me that I have no other choice but to be great. That may sound cliché and over-used, but that’s exactly how I feel. Some of us feel the weight of that pressure and crumble, but I just keep reminding myself that I can only get better and do more.

After 90 days, I feel exactly how I did when I started; grateful to finally be given the respect I deserve as a professional within my field. 


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