Women & Weather: The Dinah 2014

The soft glow of the neon lights reflected in our gaze as we approached the venue. The line snaked around the building, but we weren't here to wait for anything. A guard quickly moved us to the front and we were instantly engulfed by the night.

A sea of moving bodies, heavy beats and euphoria met us at the door as we entered. Each one of us surveyed the room just long enough to breathe it all in. Hundreds of women filled the dance floor in search of a great night and a happy ending. There was no questioning what the girl in the heels was here for or if the woman eyeing you from the corner wanted to dance; this was The Dinah.

Every corner of the room was filled with possibilities. It was possible that you'd meet the woman of your dreams, and even more possible she would be the woman of your night. In every shake of the hips and lick of the lips those possibilities doubled. Luckily, this was only day one....


My first Dinah experience was anything but uneventful. I met some amazing people, while also learning so much about myself. During the trip, my best friend kept speaking about how she was leaving for California. She wants to build her future in the sunshine state, and although I loved the weather I stood back, forever unsure. 

Aside from all of that internal uncertainty, the Dinah experience lived up to its reputation. We danced, drank and made the most of the entire experience. Don't be fooled into thinking that this annual event is only for lesbians, in fact we came across people of all lifestyles just there to enjoy themselves.

One more experience off the list. Rack 'em up!


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