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In Your Mom's House

You know you've done it; quietly sat on the couch next to someone wondering if they were just as horny as you. Looking at the staircase hoping your parent’s room door is closed all the way, as you lean in for that kiss that will lead to so much more. You may have even planned ahead, and invited your boo-thang over while your parents were away for the evening. Why? Cause you wanted to get laid, and at the time nothing else really mattered.

75% of you clutching your pearls as you read this are guilty. You may think that’s a high number, but I probably gave you more credit than you deserve. I think doing it in your mom’s house is part of a rite of passage. It isn't until you finally get your own space that you understand the joys of uninhibited sex. Until then, you’re hurriedly shushing each other and covering your mouths during the whole nerve racking experience. I mean who likes quiet sex? What person makes the decided effort to make no sound at all?! Is it even possible if the…

About That Time I got Rejected...

Rejection is a bitch.
It's really a mindset. Psyching yourself out to believe that someone would deny you what you believe to be mutual. When your pride is involved, everything changes. It can go from, I got this to... maybe not. 
There's this person in my life. She's exceptional at reminding me that whatever I think I know, could really be false. What I appreciate about her is her will power. There's no way to get her to do what she does not intend to do. What I love most about her are the small things though. How she looks when she's focused. How she smiles when she really thinks something is funny. There is no denying that the amount of time I spend with her is small when compared to the amount of time I spend thinking about her. 
As you can see, I'm stuck. Somewhere between fear of rejection and fear of realization.

Awhile back I wrote a post on the use of the word "thirsty" and here I am feeling extremely parched.
While in her company the other d…

The End.

For four years I have loved and laughed with someone I both admire and adore. She has been with me through my final years in college, and through the beginning years of adulthood. We share experiences, collect memories and comfort each other through the toughest times.
That ended yesterday, Wednesday, April 30th and there isn't much that I can say.

A few weeks back she looked at me and said, “You can’t keep me on a shelf, Jayelle.” Those words seemed to stick with me in a way that forced me to reevaluate how I feel and what she wants. I had been keeping her on a shelf, as I only halfway lived my life like someone that was actually in a relationship. The thing is, when I dream, I dream alone. There is no one there with me. No significant other sharing in the success. I see no one else in my future as if I’ll be alone forever. I had been keeping her on a shelf; allowing her to love me while I remained selfish and inconsiderate. I have never been good at saying goodbye. I leave parties …