What Are You Thinking About?

Remember when you asked me what I was thinking?
You remember, it was that time that seemed like every other time.

Half the time spent with you, I’m just thinking about you. Wondering how I should hold my hands. In what position I should stand and what I can say to let you know that this won’t be just like the last time.

That’s when I choke.

I live for the passing moments in life. The small talk in the conversation, and the times that end as quickly as they come; yet here I am with you thinking about forever. Or however long forever can really be when there really is no you and me.

...What was I thinking? 

I was thinking about the last time I felt your skin. The face you made right before you told me “no” for the hundredth time, and then helped me slip off your shorts. I was thinking about the conversations we had that lead us to where we are right now. I was thinking about kissing you. I was wondering if when you got really close to me, it was because you wanted me too. I was thinking about how difficult it will be to avoid developing feelings for you; at least anymore than I already have…

That’s when I shake my head.

It always happens right after you kiss me in that way that makes me think that you feel more for me than you say. It usually happens right after I start thinking past the here and now. Truth Is, I want all of you. 

By the way, you didn't have to ask me to write for you because there are pages in my mind reserved just for you. 


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