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You Date Black Girls?

When I woke up that morning, I chose an outfit that would make me feel pretty. Whenever I help my mom pick out "date" clothes, I always ask her if she feels confident, and today that burden fell on me. The feelings attached to your "date outfit" have to make you walk with confidence, and most of all let your date know that you're a bad bitch. 
As I walked up to the bar I saw her sitting on the front steps, blonde hair tucked behind her ear; attention focused on her phone. When she looked up we locked eyes from afar and I couldn't help but wave. It's funny how little control you have over your body when you're nervous. We looked each other over and I couldn't help but wondering why this petite, attractive, white woman had any interest in me.
Okay, so before you start calling me a fool you have to see where I'm coming from. My Civil War mentality doesn't just stem from ignorance. In my research(dating/flirting) history there have been very …