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Living In Fear

Living in fear is as unsettling as it sounds. Especially when you’re biggest fear is being who you are. Long before I came out to my mother, I had decided that I was going to be whoever I wanted to be. I left for college in New York City and although it was only a 45 minute drive from home, I felt like I was given the opportunity to be who I wanted to be. That person was free-spirited, open to new things (good and bad) and also a homosexual. This change in scenery; this 45 minute drive contributed so much to who I am today. With all of this considered it’s been freeing to share this side of myself with family and friends. Since my first year of college I've slowly come out to more and more people. Aside from that I live my life out and proud; in that I have no qualms about being affectionate with someone that I’m with in public. What this open lifestyle has allowed me is peace of mind. There is nothing wrong with being who I am and loving who I want to love. All o f this is