Ruling The Workplace

Over the past year I have learned so much about myself through my work. In the beginning, I had to prove myself each and everyday by being direct with my team and also being accessible to their thoughts, suggestions and at times disapproval. I became a department head by being honest, professional and at all times resourceful. 

Think about the last person that managed you. They might have been cold, unappreciative and if you're lucky the complete opposite. As a person that has dealt with several different types of managers, I knew it was my job to be the manager I had always wanted. That may seem like a far fetched idea, but I believe I have done that.  

In almost every interview I always ask the interviewee this probing question, "what qualities would you like your potential supervisor/manager to have?" I've been given several responses, but one sticks out the most: honest. Luckily, this had already matched with my personality so I was off to a god start. There is nothing that you want more from a manager than there ability to let you know when they feel you are not performing. Conversely you also want to know when you ARE performing. There is always a balance. Being a fair individual requires balance. 

Here's how you can rule the workplace:

1. Educate Yourself 
This is required just to get in the place, but you should acquire more knowledge while you are there.  Take webinars and read books that will better prepare you for your day to day. After you do that, share that with your team. 

2. Be Bold
When asked about the one noticeable quality about Jayelle it would have to be her boldness. No, this isn't an attempt at patting myself on the back but more so an observation. I am a bold bitch. Why? Because in the workplace playing small gets you nowhere. Since elementary school I have had nothing but success on my mind. In choir I sang louder than my peers and raised my hands more than others because I knew there was no better example of my passion than application. 

3. Professionalism at all Times
You're feeling upset? Suck it up! I don't mean to be rude. In fact, I take it back. Except, I don't. There is no room for you to express strong emotions that involve crying. Passion? Yes you can be passionate, as long as you remain composed and support your passion for any given project/task/employee with data or facts. 

4. Evolve
Innovation gets you noticed. It also gets you a raise. Applying what you learn from educating yourself can translate into innovation or evolution. Assist your team in evolving by being a catalyst for change. No one appreciates the employee that doesn't like change. Continue to push what you know to the limit and apply your learned knowledge to your innovative plan of action. What is required? Does your innovation improve profitability? Does it affect a certain percentage of clients? Will this alleviate a need? Ask yourself these questions. 

Remember: Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.


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