Taming of The THOT

Getting ready for a pride celebrations always starts off with the same thought, "what will I wear?" This preparation includes going to at least three different stores, deciding on a hairstyle and skimming through party flyers for themes. Looking good usually equates to feeling good and in a crowd filled with beautiful ladies, I'd like to look my best.

Well, in 2015 I can safely say I could not care less.

Hanging out with my cousin yesterday, he kept referring to me as "domesticated". It's his way of saying locked down or fully committed to my current relationship. I've been with several people prior to this particular relationship, but it's the first one my family has really known about. As a young man, the world is his oyster and part of him cannot imagine being that invested.

Why? Because's he's 21 and life is fucking dream. He also, at least halfway knows, that I was a THOT.

Let's break down the word "thot" for those that might not be as informed.
Commonly used by black twitter and Fabolous, a thot is a hoe. Thot = those hoes over there.
My best friend has also often referred to me a "slut". This is all quite fine with me because I can state confidently that college was a BLAST, and after it was pretty good too. I didn't have sex with random people, but I often was on the hunt. I attended pride, clubs, bars etc. with the intention of flirting the entire night. This all happened while I was in a few relationships.

That has all changed since I've become fully domesticated.

My current relationships is strong and I have never been so committed. I only have eyes for her. Not quite sure why now or why her, but I'm not interested in the answer. I'm in love and focused on the future in a way past girlfriends could never get me to do.

The thot has been tamed... 


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