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Violence Causes Silence #PrayForOrlando

I am in love with a woman who is genuine, kind, selfless and beautiful. She is one of the strongest people that I know and she is scared. She is scared to share the part of herself that I see every single day; it’s the part of her that loves me. The tragedy in Orlando is monumental. It is yet another display of how loving someone can get you killed. It’s the reason why my father tells me to keep my sexuality to myself and it’s the reason why my partner is uncomfortable holding my hand in the street. Recent news reports have revealed that the Orlando shooter used gay dating apps and had visited the Pulse nightclub. From this we can assume that his uncontrollable self-hatred resulted in the death of so many people last weekend. This isn’t the first time that someone so ashamed of their feelings and desires has lashed out at others for being free and unfortunately it will not be the last. We have to stop pressuring and judging people for how they look or who they choose t