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The Lesbian Collective Podcast: Dreamers

People talk a lot. They hope and dream about the places they want to see and the things that they want to do but they don’t often do it. Sometimes they dream so big that they begin to live in that dream. The dream becomes reality even when everyone else knows they are still awake. I try not to dream too big. I never want to be overcome by a dream that I lose all sense of where I actually am and what I’m actually doing. This might seem counter-intuitive to how to make a dream come true but that’s just how I work. I’ll research, watch and wait for the right time to make the leap from something I just talk about to something I can do.
My friend Courtney has always been a dreamer. Since the day I met her she’s talked about being famous and for some time I believed she would. She’s attractive, outgoing and she has a way about her that always made her seem so cool. I’ve always thought she could probably have any person she wanted and on many occasions I’ve watched that happen right in front o…