The Lesbian Collective Podcast: Dreamers

People talk a lot.
They hope and dream about the places they want to see and the things that they want to do but they don’t often do it. Sometimes they dream so big that they begin to live in that dream. The dream becomes reality even when everyone else knows they are still awake. I try not to dream too big. I never want to be overcome by a dream that I lose all sense of where I actually am and what I’m actually doing. This might seem counter-intuitive to how to make a dream come true but that’s just how I work. I’ll research, watch and wait for the right time to make the leap from something I just talk about to something I can do.

The Lesbian Collective
Nelli, Soko, Stoney & JayMarie (left to right)
My friend Courtney has always been a dreamer. Since the day I met her she’s talked about being famous and for some time I believed she would. She’s attractive, outgoing and she has a way about her that always made her seem so cool. I’ve always thought she could probably have any person she wanted and on many occasions I’ve watched that happen right in front of me. A few months ago, Courtney sent a message in the group chat suggesting that we start a podcast. In 2017, there is no shortage of podcasts but there is room in this space for four queer black women to share their opinions. There is also the potential for Courtney to build her personal brand and one day, just maybe, get that fame she’s always wanted.
I took the bait.

Soko has always been about action. Behind the scenes she will be working on 4-5 different projects that exist outside of her 9-5 job. Best part about all of that is that you won’t know about it until she’s 6 months in and made enough money to be bored of it all. After I sent out the kick off email to help us begin our podcast journey, she immediately provided her feedback and began her own research toward making this idea something tangible. When I met Soko I knew that she was smart. She would build one page websites with raw HTML code to relax. I also knew that if we were to do this much of the work would fall on her lap. This wouldn’t necessarily be intentional but based on her skill-set and her work ethic, she would almost instinctively bear the burden.

NYC Pride 2017
The Lesbian Collective
Dreamers are nothing without that one person that can picture them at the finish line. Ciarra is that person. She wills herself to envision someone’s personal goals because Ciarra is also a dreamer. She has high hopes for herself and I can only hope that one day she conquers the world. As of right now, I can’t tell you how she will get there but that isn’t the focus for a dreamer; it is only the deep belief that they will achieve. She was in for the podcast before it even happened.

Four black, lesbian women discussing pop culture, politics, sex, relationships and LGBTQ issues on a public forum?! GASP. The Lesbian Collective podcast was born.

Black culture is always en vogue. We are the creators of culture and the unsung heroes of all things trendy. From our hair, skin, body type, art and vernacular we have been plagiarized more than any other group of people in history. All of this to say that black professionals in the media world are still grossly underrepresented so we took this as an opening. We can’t represent every black woman in the world or every queer person but we can add to the ongoing commentary about the way we live our lives with our own truth.

Don’t think it’s all been sunshine and rainbows. On three occasions or more we’ve almost lost a member. Personal insecurities have been used as insults and there have been more than enough fuck ups. If there was a VH1 “Behind the Music” episode on The Lesbian Collective it would feature Soko in a studio with sunglasses on drinking something dark talking about how she, “can’t teach people how to think.” She’s absolutely right too and we’re lucky for that because it’s our differences in thinking that make the show shine.

Dinah Shore 2017 in Palm Springs, California
In 5 years, we might look back at all this and laugh at how silly all of this was. We could laugh at the thought of four friends coming together to do something instead of just talking about it.

How could there ever be space for four black, queer, women that lovingly refer to each other as “bitch” to share their opinions? I guess all it would take are a few dreamers.

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