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So Anxious

It felt like I couldn’t breathe. It felt like if I didn’t get out, I would explode. The second time I moved to New York wasn’t as joyous as the first. It was 2012 and my job made a change and relocated to New York. I could either move and make a few extra bucks or go back to my Mom’s couch and job hunt. I took the job and begged my father to let me move back into his house. After a few days of back and forth, I realized he did not want me back in his house and I would have to figure something out. I packed my car with clothes and drove to Brooklyn. A good friend of mine had agreed to let me stay at his place for $70/month and I was nothing but grateful. My entry-level job was paying me about $32K a year and that means you’re homeless in New York City. Till further notice, I would be living on the right side of my friend’s living room which I also shared with another guy who lived on the left side . For the first few weeks it was dope. I was independent and living with good